11 de junio de 2016


Hey there,

What a busy month May has been. One long weekend in San Francisco, then back to London, next weekend to Madrid, back to London for work and again back to Madrid. No doubt why it has gone so quickly. I was in San Francisco just a few weeks ago! 

I went there with a friend to visit another friend. It was so good to be back in the city after long three years. I first when there after graduating from school and stayed for a few months. Then I came back a few times on summer to study and visit some friends. Too bad I didn´t have enough time to see them all.

Here you can see some of the moments captured between Madrid, London and San Francisco. 

Of course, my scooter trolley Uyuni was by my side on all my trips. I just can´t imagine traveling without it! After taking my Uyuni with me to Peru and Ecuador in March, now I know it does´t matter if it´s for a long-hauled destination or a weekend getaway, it is just my best luggage ever. Simple, easy and fun!!

Don´t forget you can get your Uyuni with a discount using my promo code: "2BETTERTHANONE"

Hope you like it!

Le Pain Quotidien

Views from Hilton Hotel at the Financial District, San Francisco

Union Square, San Francisco

Hakkasan Mayfair 

My scooter trolley, uYuni

Mango top, Rag&bone jean

Richmond Park, London